Sunday, February 22, 2015

The plan

So I don't know if this is really a "solution" to the problem, but I have decided what I'm going to do going forward: at some point in the near-ish future, this blog will be deleted. I have already printed out the content from 2007-2014 into books anyway, so I have what I need. I'm not happy about deleting it, but the risk of all those years of pictures of my children being out there in internet outer space for creepy strangers to steal isn't worth it - it has obviously happened (at least) once, so it's too likely it could happen again.

However, I'm not ready to stop blogging, so from now on you can find me rambling over here. (Click on the hyperlink to be directed to my new blog, or you can manually type in theblogivers{dot}wordpress{dot}com into your search bar and be directed that way if you'd prefer.) I am keeping the new blog public for now, but I chose to move to WordPress in case I decide to go private in the future, because a friend clued me in that WordPress does not limit the number of private readers you can have, unlike Blogger. 

You will also notice a slightly annoying little watermark on most of my pictures from here on out as my first line of defense in an effort to keep low-lifes from stealing them. May or may not work, but I consider it worth the effort for now.

So farewell, this little blog of mine. We had a good run, but it's on to the next (hopefully much safer) adventure! 


Kate said...

I am so sorry that someone forced you to do this. I can't wait to keep up with you on your new but safer blog!!

Nancie N Bartley said...

Will you delete your Facebook also?

Natasha said...

1) I'm glad you've found a solution. I'm already following you.

2) I'm sorry you're needing to delete this blog but glad that I had a chance to read it.

The Joiners said...

The next thing you'll need to teach me how to do is use a reader to follow WordPress blogs... guess I'll need to use bloglovin or one of those?

Erika said...

Waaaah I will miss you here! But I will follow you there. Because that's what friends do. Also, what are you going to use for watermarking? How will it not be the biggest pain in the butt ever?