Friday, March 14, 2014

The SB fun never stops (until it does)

I have been feeling kind of crummy for about a week now. At first I was worried I might have picked up the horrible virus Davis had last week, but our symptoms have been different enough that I wasn't convinced. After a few days, I chalked it up to allergies and set out to try to ignore it and enjoy the week. So on Wednesday morning, we followed through with our plans to meet up with some friends we don't get to see often at a local "entertainment center."

It's funny how kids probably think we take them to those places for their own enjoyment, when really we are secretly trying to wear them out so they will take good naps (or at least give us a little bit of peace and quiet in some form) later that day. Not sure why I still get my hopes up, because that never actually happens with Davis! But he had a good time and I had fun chatting with my friend, so all was not lost. 

Unfortunately, by the time we got home from that, it was apparent that my "kind of crummy" feelings were actually due to a throat infection and not allergies. I got myself some meds from the doctor, but as for the recommendation to get plenty of rest? That one isn't happening over Spring Break with two small children. Seriously: why can't doctors give out prescriptions for temporary nannies when stay-at-home parents are sick?! I have so many genius ideas for healthcare. Allison for President!

So yeah, our wild and crazy Spring Break is really going out with a bang. Here's hoping the antibiotics get me feeling better ASAP so we can enjoy lots of family time this weekend when we get Avery and the twins baptized!


Aubrey said...

Boo! This year is the worst for sickness!! Hoping you feel better very soon. XO

Erika said...

Sorry you're feeling crummy!!! Have a wonderful weekend...can't wait to see adorable baptism pictures!!

Natasha said...

I love the idea of prescriptions for a nanny! Where can I get one of those???

I came down with a knock-me-out-kill-me-now cold yesterday. Thankfully Dave came home early from work so I could crawl into bed at 4pm. I didn't crawl out again until this morning so that's an indication as to how awesome life is around here. It just figures that if the kids aren't sick then we are.

I hope you feel better soon (go meds!) and that you have a really good weekend.

Brittany Sciba said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well!! :( I hope it goes away quickly so you can enjoy this weekend!

The Joiners said...

Boo to the illness but hooray for SB being over for you AND for the baptism!