Monday, March 17, 2014

Baptizing the babies

Several months ago, we decided with the Joiners that we wanted to get all 3 babies baptized together at the church in Dallas where Amanda and I were baptized as babies. Obviously we are no longer members there, but since our parents are, the church was nice enough to accommodate us. So plans were set, arrangements were made, and we were off to Dallas to make a fun weekend out of it!

We stayed busy all weekend long, but some of the most fun was had just hanging out at my parents' house. The little ones were more than happy to soak up all the attention, play with all the fun toys, and eat all the delicious food. I can only imagine the withdrawals Davis will be experiencing starting today... should be fun.

We also got to spend some time with Wade's family, who was in town for the baptism and to celebrate all the March birthdays in the family. They took us to lunch at Company Cafe on Saturday - if you're in the Dallas area and looking for restaurants to try, we give that place 2 thumbs up!

After lunch on Saturday, my sisters, my mom, one of my nieces, and I were able to squeeze in pedicures while the guys held down the fort at home with the kids. It was a good break and I got a big kick out of seeing my niece so excited about getting her nails done (and playing with her mom's make-up earlier in the day... ha!).

Once we were finished with that bit of R&R, we headed back home to get the house ready so my parents could host an enormous amount of family members for dinner that night. And by "enormous," I mean 20 adults and 10 kids. Of course we had to get a picture of my parents' 8 grandkids together - we took a similar picture 10 months ago before Avery was born... they're all growing too darn quickly!

But the sheer number of people was not as impressive as the fact that the power went out shortly after everyone got there, but everyone still stayed for the entirety of dinner. Because my mother is infinitely more laid back than I am, she didn't skip a beat - she just lit some candles, turned on some flashlights, and carried on with the evening. (Apparently I could use a lesson from her on chilling the heck out, because I'm pretty sure I would have retreated to my bedroom and cried all night if this had happened at my house.)

Eventually it was time to put the babies to sleep and everyone left, and just as I was starting to worry how we were all going to make ourselves presentable for church the next morning if the power stayed off, it came back on, thank the Lord. We had told Davis he could stay up late with the grown-ups and watch a movie with us, but after all the fun he had with his cousins earlier in the day, he only lasted about 5 minutes before passing out against Uncle Brian's arm.

Finally Sunday morning came, and we all had to rise and shine to get ready for the babies' big day! Everyone was looking pretty fancy for the occasion. Colby and Clara were rocking their matching smocked baptism outfits, and Avery was actually wearing the dress that I (or possibly Amanda) wore as a baby for our baptism 30 years ago.

Thankfully the baptism went off without a hitch. (It did for us, anyway, but not for the other family who was supposed to have their baby baptized yesterday! They showed up but it was clear their baby was having a major allergic reaction to the eggs she had for breakfast and they had to leave at the last minute to take her to the emergency room. Speaking of things that would have sent me crying to my bedroom...)

Anyway, the babies behaved during the service, Avery only cried for a couple of seconds after the water was sprinkled on her head, and Davis only yanked one bra strap down my arm instead of two as we were standing in front of the entire congregation at the front of the church. (Thanks, son!)

All 3 of these babies are major answered prayers for us, to say the least, and it was pretty cool to have them baptized together. We couldn't have asked for a better weekend celebrating them (well, maybe we could have asked for better sleep, but other than that). We love you, little ones!


Aubrey said...

Sounds like the most perfect weekend!!

Brittnie said...

What a great weekend. . . love that you and Amanda did this together! And I could learn a "just chill out and relax" lesson from your mom as well. . . shocker I am sure! :)

Sarah said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend and the pics of your families are just adorable!!

Natasha said...

First, it is so amazing to see all these pictures of answered prayers! How awesome is that.

And ironically, of the two sets of twins pictured, I actually think Brian and Wade look the most alike. They would obviously be fraternal twins but look at the way they're dressed. It's confusing :)

And I LOVE that Avery got to wear your (or Amanda's!) baptism dress.

The Joiners said...

Thanks for recapping AND playing photographer (again). Thanks also for having a baby so close in proximity to ours so that we could make this happen ;)

Also, when I get the video of the service, I'm totally going to try and post the shot of Davis pulling down your bra strap since I didn't get to see it.

Jaclyn said...

Congrats babies! Glad you all got to shower before the big event!

Erika said...

What a fun weekend roughing it in Dallas!! And here I thought Dallas was kinda ritzy???...but they don't have electricity?? Who knows. Love seeing all those answered prayers up on the stage!! :)

Brittany Sciba said...

What a special weekend! You got so many wonderful pictures! All of the babies looked so beautiful!