Friday, February 28, 2014

Avery is four months old!

Once again, she is technically not 4 months old until tomorrow, but if you know me at all, the early posting shouldn't surprise you even the tiniest bit.

Here are some things we have learned about Avery in her fourth month of life:

She has some definite preferences for Mama and Daddy over other people. Homegirl has screamed like a banshee many times this past month when we have handed her over to other people!

She knows how to roll over from tummy to back, mostly because she still thinks tummy time = waste of time.

She also often manages to rotate herself around a fixed spot like a ticking clock, so she never travels far, but she generally does not stay in the position we leave her in.

She is sleeping like a champ at night, and sleeping like a non-champ during the day.

She has learned how to pinch me and grab handfuls of my hair, which is as fun as it sounds.

She LOVES her big brother and gives him more unprompted smiles than the rest of us.

We still get told all the dang time that she looks like a clone of her daddy. (Everyone said this about Davis when he was a baby, too, but nowadays people say he looks like me... so we shall see what happens with her!)

Happy (almost) 4 month birthday, Avery!


The Joiners said...

1. I like that she's making out with the bunny… or eating his face.
2. I think she looks more like Rocky than anyone else.
3. Glad she already knows what's a waste of time and prefers more productive activities- smart girl!

Brittnie said...

Yay for great night sleep! Boo for poor nap sleep! As much as sleeping all night is great, I know when my girls don't nap during the day it is KILLER.

Happy 4 months Ms. A!

Sarah said...

4 months already?! Love the bunny-eating pic. :)

Aubrey said...

Love her! Happy 4 months baby girl!

Jennie said...

Her expressions are fantastic! Such a pretty baby girl.

Happy 4 months little one! Now, go take a long nap… :)

Jaclyn said...

Love the surprised face!

Brittany Sciba said...

Happy four months Avery Jane! Love the pics! :)

Allena said...

She is hands down one of the cutest babies ever. I love looking at her pics. Can you add some stats please? The accountant in me needs numbers!

Courtney Squillante said...

Already?! She is just darling!!!

Liz said...

She is adorable!! Doesn't it just melt you heart when you see the love between Avery and Davis? It still gets me every time James & Caitlin hug or smooch each other!

Natasha said...

I cannot stop laughing at that picture of Avery eating/kissing the bunny. Ha ha ha!!!